Day Camp

Our Day Camp runs in the evenings from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  We started serving  dinner on those evenings in 2010.  Day camp is available for children 5 years old going into Kindergarten through those going into 8th grade.  Due to a blessing this year(and hopefully for the future) Cost is  FREE.  Our program endeavors to make learning Biblical truths fun and exciting.

Campers are permitted to sign up for two crafts.  Some of the crafts we offer are listed below.  See the brochure for crafts being offered this year.

ARCHERY: Lessons in safety, equipment and technique.
AIR RIFLERY: Lessons in safety and lots of practice shooting at targets.
OUTDOOR LIFE: Learn basic orienteering, shelter building, fire building, and many more camping skills.
ROCK CLIMBING: Climb on our in-door climbing wall. (class size is limited)
PAINTING: Lessons in different fine art painting techniques and formats.
HANDCRAFTS: make simple hand crafts, bead jewelry, or even greeting cards.
UPCYCLE  CREATIONS: Learn how to transform unwanted useful products into new treasures.
HUNTER SAFETY: Campers will learn the ins and outs of gun safety, specifically relating to hunting.  This craft will be taught by qualified hunter safety instructors.  This is a 2 hour per day class that will also have a field day portion on Saturday from 9 AM – Noon.  A PARENT OR GUARDIAN WILL NEED TO ATTEND THE FIRST PART OF THE FIRST NIGHT OF HUNTER SAFETY TO SIGN SOME PAPERWORK. (class size is limited)
BAKING: Learn to bake cookies, cakes and other treats. (class size is limited)


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JULY 8-12 2019
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If you have any questions or changes to anything regarding Day Camp please click here to e-mail us and we will attempt to accommodate your request as best we can.